Now available on Spotify

Good news! You can now listen to the Marketplace Mechanics podcast on Spotify. This should make listening easier if you don't use podcasting apps like Stitcher or Apple Podcasts. You can find the show here:¬† Don't forget to 'Follow' the podcast to get updated on new episode directly within Spotify. I have some great interviews … Continue reading Now available on Spotify

Episode 2: Jean-Michel Chalayer, LeSalon

Marketplace Mechanics is BACK! After an unintentional one-year hiatus due to being busy building my own marketplace, I'm delighted to be recording MM again and to be releasing Episode 2 today. In this episode, I speak to Jean-Michel Chalayer, the CEO & Co-Founder of LeSalon. I've known JM for several years now and our marketplaces … Continue reading Episode 2: Jean-Michel Chalayer, LeSalon